EasyLoader is a cool Javascript library that will make all your pages unforgettable for your visitors. With EasyLoader you can build a chain of different animated effects just after the page is loaded. You can make stickers, the Info-Panel, closable elements. Easyloader will help you animate elements having either absolute or relative positioning with the same ease.



  • Is applicable to elements with relative, absolute, fixed or static positioning
  • Builds a chain of different animated effects
  • Uses either javascript animation or css transition
  • Makes stickers, the Info-Panel, closable elements
  • Lets animate text
  • Lets use random direction and easing attributes
  • Makes auto-closable elements with counter-down
  • Includes 6 classes: EasyloadPlugin, EasyloadEmergingPlugin, EsyloadAnimatedPlugin, EasyloadTextPlugin, EasyloadTransitionPlugin, EasyloadPanelPlugin
  • Uses either page mark-up or javascript
  • Very easy to use
  • Well Documented
  • Has multiple examples
  • Free support
  • Easy installation
  • YUI library is used
  • Cross browser support

Examples of usage:

You can add animated effect by mark-up:

<div class="el-animated" data-duration="5" data-delay="6" data-after="#main" data-closable="true" data-closeAfter="15" data-easing="backIn" data-counter="#counter">Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. Neque natus aperiam minima, a, tempore sed in delectus aliquam accusantium harum unde earum illo pariatur asperiores, cupiditate amet autem dolorem! Commodi.</div>

Or you can add animated effect byScript:

  <script type="text/javascript">
    YUI().use('node', 'easyload_animated', function (Y) {
      var node = Y.one('#item');
      node.plug(Y.EasyloadAnimatedPlugin, {
        duration: 5,
        delay: 6,
        after: '#main',
        closable: true,
        closeAfter: 15,
        easing: 'backIn',
        counter: '#counter'

Hi! I am Easyloader Javascript Library

Now with me you can:

— make all your pages unforgettable for your visitors,

— use as many animated effects as you want during the page loading,

— build a chain of effects, easily place one effect after the other,

— animate text, make stickers, create the Info-Panel,

— create closable and auto-closable elements,

— use together old-fashioned javascript animation, transitions and keyframes animation.

And all this with ease and fun!