LightBox is no longer boring!

This magic jQuery Plugin is for everyone who wants to create something beautiful and unforgetable

pqIt works everywhere!

Magic LightBox works in all modern browsers:

IE8, IE9, IE10, IE11, Safary, Opera, Mozilla, Google Chrome, and has been tested on mobile devices working on Android, iOS, Windows Phone.

sIt's beautiful!

There are 68 animated effects! Your visitors will never get tired while using Magic LightBox.

You can customize the list of effects in many ways. You can build your own list of effects, and you can shuffle effects in random order. You can define the view to have directional effects, and you can build your own list of effects. You can define an effect for every link, if you want.

mIt's universal!

There are 3 modes in Magic LightBox:

Image Viewer mode: is using for loading images, image galleries, slideshows.

HTML mode is used for loading content from html markup. It suits for forms, iframes, embedded elements, javascript generated content and many other things.

There are many ways of using AJAX mode mode: from loading something from the server to creating an ajax application or an one-page-site.

rIt's comfortable!

The main aim of Magic LightBox is to give pleasure to its users. Keeping this in mind we create comfortable user interface. A visitor can use the keybord: Left, Right, Up, Down, Backspace, Esc. And he can also use mouse wheel. Magic LightBox supports also swipe events on mobile devices.

oIt's SEO!

In Image Viewer mode: all images will be visible to search engines if you want. But in some cases it's more important to keep the link to the image page. Magic LightBox gives this possibility.

In HTML mode: you use html markup and search engines must see it.

In Ajax mode: links to pages that are loaded by AJAX can stay visible for search engines (if you need).

tIt has memory!

Magic LightBox uses native browser history support. So you can use browser "back" button or "backspace" key.

When this option is switched off, the Magic LightBox panel will be hidden. When it's switched on LightBox will show the previous content.

uIt loves your photos!

Of course, the "specialite de la maison" of Magic LightBox is a view of images. You can look through single images, you can open galleries, you can watch slideshows. Magic LightBox likes photos of all sizes and orientation. All photos will look brilliant. You can use native fullscreen mode. You can create two-layer effect when an image is loading.

You can use the top and the bottom parts of the image for captions or menus. And you can use a slogan (a special caption that is being shown while animation is in process).

nIt's highly customizable!

Magic LightBox powerful API gives an opportunity to use its properties, methods, events in your javascript code.

Ajax API allows you to make sorted tables, tabs, send GET and POST requests.

There are tons of parameters that you can manage without javascript.

Magic LightBox uses font icons, so you are free to change their colors and size.

Unminified Javascript, CSS and Less files are included in the distributive.

68 Animation Effects!

Choose Your Effect!

Image Viewer Examples

a Single Images

  • Different images size and orientation
  • Random animation effects
  • Different slogans
  • Different styles
  • Optional top and bottom captions
  • Import photos from Flickr
  • Browser history support is switched on

b Gallery

  • Defined animation effects
  • Multi layer photo effect
  • Browser history support is switched on
  • Keyboard, touch, mouse-wheel support
  • Different text and style for slogans

c Slideshow

  • Native fullscreen
  • Play and Stop buttons
  • Single general slogan
  • Bottom captions
  • Infinite play
  • Random animation effects
  • Browser history support is switched off

d Slideshow
with additional features

  • Directional animation effects
  • Top menu
  • Navigation to other views
  • Import photos from Flickr
  • Browser history support is switched off

Ajax Content Examples


Ajax Content








HTML Content Examples





Flickr in iframe



Youtube in iframe


Choose Your Effect
g a b f
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